Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi Friends ..Here are the Poster of my first feature film "Bhagaude" (Runaways)

Bhagaude Movie Poster 01

 Bhagaude Movie Poster 02

Bhagaude Movie Poster 03

 Bhagaude Movie Poster 04

Bhagaude Movie Poster 05

Its 95 min "Hindi" feature film , We are still in search of Buyers for this film.

for any further information please contact 

Swapnil Kumawat 9881201491

Shrikant Deo 9764004995

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remo...U are the Man !!!

I planned a holiday out in GOA few months back. Actually this was my 4Th visit to the Land of Love :) ...and I wanted to be the most fruitful time apart from just chilling out.
So I started hunting for places i can explore, things that i can collect, wanted to really get the best of GOA.
After all this planning i realized that there was only one thing which was making me excited visiting GOA this time.....Mr. REMO FERNANDES, I Decided to try and meet him, get his own music Cd's signed by him.

I started reading about Remo, his passion about GOAN music , his dedication ............What a Man...
A true musician and a pure artist.
After performing with international bands like Jethro Tull , led zeppelin, Queen and many more ...singing songs in 5 languages, Winning Padmashree Award , He is currently staying in a small village Siolim, in GOA......with his wife, 2 sons, his scooter , his Music!!!

In one of his interviews he said" I'd met a lot of European Hippies in GOA, and i wanted to become an Indian hippie in Europe " :)
A fascinating personalty .......

Dear Remo ,
I want to meet you once ! and celebrate your music.................................
I came to GOA and searched for your music , unfortunately i have not got it ...but i will have it with me with your sign on it ..i promise ..........
you make all of us proud !

with love ...

Guys is a link for Remo's Music and everything about the HERO !!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Sex aur Dhoka .....Bravo!

All you need is guts to make such a film and release it commercially.

Saw this film on Saturday morning and straight away called up Vinod Rawat, one of the actor in the film and a very good friend.

LSD has nothing new as content but the style of film making becomes the USP of the film.

A fresh bunch of actors with some mind blowing performances. Especially Rajkumar Yadav and Neha Chauhan both of them too natural and simply superb, Shruti looks completely in the character so is Amit sail. Vinod plays a small role of 5 min but leaves the impact, after all its his first feature film.

Over all a film which grabs attention because of its onscreen performances and unique style of film making by MR. Dibakar Banarjee.

A special appreciation to Sneha Khanwalkar, her work gives a boost to visuals. at times music expresses more than visuals, experimental lyrics and experimental music just like the Film. Sneha has done fantastic music for the film and leaves her mark.

Great Future for cast and crew !!!
Lets make great films :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Erised's Short film "Trapped"

Erised has come up with its 3rd short film "Trapped". following are some details about the film.

Cast :
Madhav Vaze
Vinod Ravat
Shashi Bhushan

Cinematography :
Abhimanyu Dange

Music :
Chaitanya Adkar

Story, Screenplay :
Swapnil Kumawat
Prasad Bharadwaja
Swati Pedhnekar

Produced By :
Karan Studio , Pune

Directed By :
Prasad Bharadwaja
Swapnil Kumawat

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let’s wish all of us Good night !

Am I happy with myself? Am I proud of myself??

I took 3 sec to ask this question to me ....and I am going to take all the life to get the Answer and come up with an answer" I might have" at the end of it.
Wouldn’t that be the most stress free day when I am satisfied? I will feel myself the lightest human being on the earth.....

Dose it happen with everybody.....or I am the only one in this side.........I guess it’s everybody's pain....
You want to do something in life .........and for some XYZ reasons you are not doing can give reasons to others but is it easy to sleep with yourself with no body around and guilt feelings all over?

I can’t sleep!

it’s scary, when I laugh at me can’t take it ...and I need the reactions...I ask questions, me tries to escape ....I keep asking keeps struggling ...... nobody is around and its science ....and these two are getting in to this war.....

I can’t sleep!

Finally machine of my Brain gets stuck ...its doesn’t move ahead ...and it stops......then I close my eyes but no satisfied ....I am tired......I woke up in the morning, I am tired, I work whole day ...I am tired ......I am scared to get in to bed.....I am tired of this "I" vs. "ME" fight......

I Can’t sleep!

There is so much negativity in mind......does it come free with birth, or we develop it it doesn’t come free , everything seems to be so pure and clear in childhood ….now the same beauty has become bad world, out waiting to ruin our life …..

it’s not philosophy but you will experience it one day that you are one of the biggest reasons to make things not happening for you........

I want to break all the
obstacles and get straight in the root of my expectations........I want to fulfill them .....I want to answer me , and don’t want I and ME fighting, I want them to be one and concentrate on the goals of my life ......

I respect people who have understood reasons of their lives .......I like people who are working towards it .........I love people who are fighting and achieving their goals ........I feel sorry about people who haven’t understood the importance of their life and wasting it in spending days the way life offering them ........

One day I want to sleep satisfied and feel myself as the lightest human being on the earth!

Let’s wish all of us the most satisfied sleep every night!

A real Good night !

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Feeling

Its winter,
The night is really very cold today; it’s my small house in a town. We all are on terrace after dinner, I am lying on mamma’s lap, Its very cold tonight, I am shivering …every body is sleeping and have covered themselves with heavy blankets.

Mamma and me are talking, don’t know what, but she is showing all interest in it. I think we are discussing stars, I can see open sky up above, bright moon, and mamma’s face in between. :)

Mamma is looking tried now, and she wants me also to sleep, she singing a lullaby, she has prepared it for me. And it’s making me quiet, Wind is passing slowly; I am feeling so relax, my eyes are getting closed, she has lower down her voice, and I am falling asleep, now she has come beside me, I am sleeping in mamma’s warmest hug so relax and with her voice in ears and my eyes are closed softly with no worries.

She just kissed my forehead and said “good night my son”


It’s Dark,
I have just opened my eyes, nobody is around. Oh…. I was sleeping on my beanbag, I had a bad day at office, Couldn’t go to garage for my car, came home late... as usual! I didn’t have dinner, slept without changing office clothes; I am feeling so tired and uneasy.

For a moment I went 20 years back, I could feel my mamma around. Nothing seems to be good. I am missing her.

I will surely hug her and will keep my head on her lap whenever possible. I wish her hand on my head, her voice in my ears and feel the warmth in my body, while closing my eyes softly with no worries.


Friday, May 30, 2008


Swapnil here, I always wanted to own a blog, but when I actually have it I am completely blank what to write. Why m I writing and why should anyone read it?

These few words are actually going to create my impression, and let me tell you I am really weak at using them......
but I want to dare ....

Erised is the mirror of Desire, so we decided to name our group as"ERISED Unlimited”,

Swati, Prasad and Me.
Prasad and I always wanted to make films. This feeling started around 8/9 years back in college time. Prasad taught me how to watch a film. He use to talk so much about English films :) I would sit blank and just wonder how much knowledge this guy has about films. I started following him, and we both became local critics of our college
You know what everybody use to ask us..."e kasa aahe re movie ..Jau ka?"...ha ha doesn’t mean that we always helped them ........haha ....they actually started believing us :))

After college we worked in different fields for 3 years. All these years, there was not a single day, which ended without having guilty feeling for not doing anything towards our dream.

Swati joined us just before One-square(erised'd First short film) started...the fact is that.... she actually made us work practically towards it...
All of us were new to this format...we took help from FTII students.... it’s was Fist short film of every person of the crew. But we did it; last shoot of it went on and on. I remember We worked for 38 hours non stop and got it done...

We won 2nd award for the Best short film in ICE festival 2007...

That’s a first achievement as a group.... and we started working.... we were done with 3 scripts by April 2008

And now it was time to start with 2nd production.... and we decided to go ahead with "Kya aam aadmi surakshit hai"
Lot of work was to be done lot of friends and professionals came in the picture .......
Next 1 month it was really a day and night hard work of the whole team....
We were ready with KAASH at on 29th of April..
Film was sent to ICE 2008 selected and was screened at City Pride Pune.

28th of May won "Critic’s Award for best Film award" at ICE festival 2008...
Second award in a row at ICE.

Now its 31th today ...and Erised is already on hunt for new content!
Its great feeling that we are actually following our hearts. And Running After the DREAM.

we are in search of desire