Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Sex aur Dhoka .....Bravo!

All you need is guts to make such a film and release it commercially.

Saw this film on Saturday morning and straight away called up Vinod Rawat, one of the actor in the film and a very good friend.

LSD has nothing new as content but the style of film making becomes the USP of the film.

A fresh bunch of actors with some mind blowing performances. Especially Rajkumar Yadav and Neha Chauhan both of them too natural and simply superb, Shruti looks completely in the character so is Amit sail. Vinod plays a small role of 5 min but leaves the impact, after all its his first feature film.

Over all a film which grabs attention because of its onscreen performances and unique style of film making by MR. Dibakar Banarjee.

A special appreciation to Sneha Khanwalkar, her work gives a boost to visuals. at times music expresses more than visuals, experimental lyrics and experimental music just like the Film. Sneha has done fantastic music for the film and leaves her mark.

Great Future for cast and crew !!!
Lets make great films :)

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