Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remo...U are the Man !!!

I planned a holiday out in GOA few months back. Actually this was my 4Th visit to the Land of Love :) ...and I wanted to be the most fruitful time apart from just chilling out.
So I started hunting for places i can explore, things that i can collect, wanted to really get the best of GOA.
After all this planning i realized that there was only one thing which was making me excited visiting GOA this time.....Mr. REMO FERNANDES, I Decided to try and meet him, get his own music Cd's signed by him.

I started reading about Remo, his passion about GOAN music , his dedication ............What a Man...
A true musician and a pure artist.
After performing with international bands like Jethro Tull , led zeppelin, Queen and many more ...singing songs in 5 languages, Winning Padmashree Award , He is currently staying in a small village Siolim, in GOA......with his wife, 2 sons, his scooter , his Music!!!

In one of his interviews he said" I'd met a lot of European Hippies in GOA, and i wanted to become an Indian hippie in Europe " :)
A fascinating personalty .......

Dear Remo ,
I want to meet you once ! and celebrate your music.................................
I came to GOA and searched for your music , unfortunately i have not got it ...but i will have it with me with your sign on it ..i promise ..........
you make all of us proud !

with love ...

Guys ....here is a link for Remo's Music and everything about the HERO !!


Swati said...

good post Swapnil. You made me look for Remo music all over again..
He has been an enigma for me, loved his originality and how he has made a brand of himself. Love you Remo!

Pushkaraj said...

I got a chance to see his live performance in Goa. Since I was part fo the organizing team, I could see it from 20 ft. If you had written this post earlier, I would have got you that autograph :-)